Monday, October 9
No Classes – Columbus Day

Tuesday, October 10

Wednesday, October 11

Thursday, October 12
CW: Graded Do Now and synthesis of "Spunk"

A few weeks ago we read Fiesta, 1980 by Junot Diaz. In a well-developed paragraph (let’s say about 8 – 10 sentences), make a claim that articulates the similarity or difference of themes in each text and then analyze the contributions of literary elements to those themes.

Criteria for Success:

- A claim that articulates the relationship between the themes of each text.

- Evidence (at least 2 quotes total) from both texts

- In-depth (not surface level) analysis of how the texts relate to one another

- 8 – 10 sentences with correct grammar and punctuation

Friday, October 13
No Classes – Interim Testing